2022 Suporters

The Tasmanian Principals Conference has been made possible by the generous support of the following organisations.



Platinum Sponsor


Supplier of art and craft materials, stationery & educational products. Our comprehensive range can be found in our online store.


Gold Sponsor

Sturdybilt’s play spaces invite children to use their own initiative, explore possibilities and make friendships. We are quality-driven and always exceed expectation with our keen eye for design, our superb manufacturing skills and our knowledge of child play and development.

With an expanding portfolio of exceptional builds, Sturdybilt Agencies  can help you in your quest to ensure your students reap the benefits of enhanced outdoor play.




ASCA is a not-for-profit member association of over 5500 schools. We work with over 100 supplier partners to deliver the best value for your school and canteen.

Over the last 40 years, ASCA has contributed almost $3 million to charities which support the education and welfare of school aged children.


We’ve been celebrating the wonder of learning for over 60 years. Furnware works hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so children can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable.  We do this with quality, reliability, innovation and genuine care.


A better way to create your class lists – your way
Class Solver helps schools create their best class lists in a fraction of the time.

Save countless hours organizing class lists.
Reinvest time back into teaching and development.
Be truly confident that you have done everything possible to meet the individual needs of your students and teachers.


Epilepsy Tas

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) offers free resources for teachers and students on a range of tax and super topics aligned to the Australian Curriculum and general capabilities. Teachers can use these resources in their classrooms to support learning in authentic and meaningful ways. The ATO’s education resources are engaging for students and include lessons, videos, digital interactives and activities.

Footsteps have been specializing in face to face and online curriculum/age-based dance and drama programs for Kindergarten to Year 12 students for 29 years.

Your students will be engaged, laugh, smile and be
challenged with our dance and drama programs. Quality outcomes, including discos, formals, parent presentations and school concerts, allow students to display and share their Footsteps experience.

Let a talented Footsteps instructor deliver a dance/drama program and turn your students into active, creative risk-takers! …………. a moving
student is a learning student.


1 in 200 students has epilepsy that may affect their school performance:

  • Medication and seizures can make it harder to concentrate
    and remember information.
  • Stigma can cause loneliness and social withdrawal.

The Epilepsy Smart Schools programme supports teachers to better help students reach their academic and social potential.
Epilepsy Tasmania is a not-for-profit community organisation improving the quality of life of Tasmanians with epilepsy, and those around them, through education, coordination and support.