The Resilient Leader – Workshop

Sarah Ralston 
CEO + Director of Innovation and Engagement

Schools are not normal working places. No day is typical and a “to do” list seems to grow not diminish as the day goes on. Leadership in this context of rapid change, increasing accountability and constant high intensity may be highly rewarding and driven by vocation, but it is simultaneously having an enormous toll on individuals and their wellbeing (Riley, 2017.) Leadership wellbeing is not the icing on the cake: wellbeing is the foundation. Healthy, resilient leaders can sustainably build and support a thriving school culture. Chronic stress corrodes our physical and mental health and undermines the brain’s ability to think creatively, build healthy relationships, inspire engagement and innovation (Schwarz, 2010.) Fortunately many school leaders thrive in these same circumstances.

Join us in this VERY PRACTICAL workshop to experience tools and take-away practices that will boost both your resilience, and can be used with your leadership team, staff, students and wider community. This experiential workshop introduces you to the Resilience Equation (Ralston, 2019.) Understand each element, the neuroscience of stress and performance and how you can foster greater resilience for yourself as a leader through priority lifestyle habits, flexible thinking and practical strategies to boost social capital and a solutions-oriented community.