Four Parts Inspiration, One Part Perspiration

Sally will share a story of inspired/highly engaged students, courageous teachers and a supportive and resourceful community led by an inspirational school leader who captured an unexpected moment to build on a (digital learning) opportunity. This led to deepening the use of digital technologies as students solved real world problems.  Building on a three year journey with the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Project, Waimea had developed its own identity as a problem solving school when an unforeseen moment arose. A chance encounter, or even a misunderstanding, enabled students and teachers to grasp The Young ICT Explorers competition and made it part of the school learning culture as students engaged in making the world a better place.

During Sally’s leadership at Waimea, the school has been transformed especially in the area of the  digital technologies. The journey began when Waimea joined the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Project with 20 other Tasmanian school. This gave the school the impetus to explore ‘new’ pedagogies and develop the ‘Waimea Way’ which focuses on the embedding of the  digital technologies, ensuring a  strong pedagogical  approach, developing learning partnerships with the wider community, whilst ensuring the school’s  values of learning & achievement, integrity, social responsibility and diversity are utmost.