2018 Supporters

The hosting of the TCPC 2018 Conference has been made possible by the generous support of the following organisations.  Please visit our sponsorship opportunities page to see how your organisation could support this conference.

Made up of 25 local businesses and backed by a national resource centre, MSP Photography is Australia’s leading school photography company.

By choosing MSP Photography Tasmania, you’re choosing a locally-owned business with ties to your region and community. With the help of 11 talented and incredibly helpful staff members, we work with 135 schools across the state to capture the school moments of thousands of Tasmanian students. We offer high-quality school photographs to suit all family budgets and our friendly personal service extends beyond photo day.

We love seeing each photo when it arrives back from our state-of-the-art printing facility, knowing that these images will become treasured family keepsakes.

We also know the value of standing out from the crowd so we offer our schools a wide range of promotional products, including yearbooks, giftware and fundraising ideas.


Dancefever Multisport are committed to providing experienced, professional and affordable physical education solutions for schools. We provide schools with trained staff, equipment and curriculum documentation to meet compliance.

Our lessons are fun and engaging and cater for the physical and mental wellbeing of students.

If your school is in need of a professional provider, we can deliver outstanding results in dance, gymnastics, athletics and wellbeing programs for your students.


Parentshop is a market leader in training and resources for school professionals and parents. It offers easy, effective training solutions to manage children’s difficult behaviour and interpersonal relationships between school leaders, parents and staff. Developed by teacher, author and psychologist Michael Hawton, Parentshop’s training courses have already been taught to over 11,000 teachers and professionals and 110,000 parents around Australia.


The Tasmanian Principals Association is a highly respected professional association which exists to provide support to public school leaders and a thriving public education system. The TPA focuses on the highest quality leadership development. The TPA is recognised as a pivotal group in the formation of policy and strategic direction at departmental and government levels. All sections of the media respect the professional, balanced voice of the Tasmanian Principals Association.


We’ve been celebrating the wonder of learning for over 60 years. Furnware works hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so children can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable.  We do this with quality, reliability, innovation and genuine care.


Sturdybilt’s play spaces invite children to use their own initiative, explore possibilities and make friendships. We are quality-driven and always exceed expectation with our keen eye for design, our superb manufacturing skills and our knowledge of child play and development.

With an expanding portfolio of exceptional builds, Sturdybilt Agencies  can help you in your quest to ensure your students reap the benefits of enhanced outdoor play.


ASCA is a not-for-profit member association focussed on maximising the purchasing effectiveness for schools. Its surplus funds go to charities which support educating disadvantaged children.


Growing healthy minds with KidsMatter and Mind Matters – National mental health initiatives

We work  in early learning services and schools to support the mental health and wellbeing of young children, young people, their families and their educators.  This  involves services and schools using a promotion, prevention and early intervention framework and we provide online professional learning, together with the support of a consultant. The only cost is your time and internet connection.

If your service or school has an interest in mental health, wellbeing, curriculum design, or continuous quality improvement in early childhood, primary or secondary school, become an official KidsMatter Mind Matters service or school today.




Ten Lives Edu.Cat STEM Program

Edu.Cat contributes to the way Tasmanian Kinder to Year 7 students experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics whilst creating social change in how people care for cats, wildlife and our communities.

Edu.Cat paves the way for students to:
inquire    problem solve   design
create     evaluate        collaborate
innovate    be inspired     engage

Edu.Cat includes:
pre-assessments, interactive incursions, STEM Challenges, supporting resource, teacher guides & student workbooks, Links to the Australian Curriculum and EYL Framework


RTG provides educators across Australia with tailored ICT specialist strategies, solutions and support to seamlessly integrate pedagogy with technology. We believe in improving ICT service delivery and accountability through measurement and transparency. As one of the leading providers in Australia, we offer a comprehensive strategy for any budget or size of school.


We stand for Work Incorporated and we’re here for all organisations, whether they’re small business or large enterprise, in education or health, private sector or government. From office, school, facilities and safety essentials, services like print and marketing, to demonstrating what more is possible with our technology and workspace solutions, Winc has a wide product range that can be tailored to your needs. What’s more it’s delivered with new knowledge to help you go even further.


Maths Pathway is a research-based Learning and Teaching Model that gives teachers the tools, time and professional development to target each student’s individual learning needs. The model provides teachers with access to resources, individualised courses and rich learning, focusing on practices that have the greatest impact on student learning.


A happy school is a hydrated school.  aquaBUBBLERs encourage your students to drink water: kids just love their bright colours and friendly look!

Our unique all-abilities tap is easy to operate – either to drink directly from, or to fill a water bottle.  Each tap is fitted with an anti-bacterial nozzle that makes your school’s tap water the clean and safe option.  aquaBUBBLERs reduce reliance on disposable plastic waterbottles, making your school more environmentally responsible.

Our drinking fountains are hard-wearing, universally accessible, and 100% Australian-made.  aquaBUBBLER helps your students develop healthy hydration habits for life.


Tiger Turf manufacture and install a range of playing surfaces suitable for all level of schools.

Whether its replacing old uneven asphalt or converting a muddy oval Tiger Turf has the right surface for your application.

Contact Tiger Turf for a no obligation free quote on any project that you may be thinking about.


Fairmont Commercial Furniture is a wholly owned Tasmanian family business and has been servicing Tasmania’s schools with their furniture needs since 1993.  Fairmont is also the Authorised Distributor for Sebel Education Furniture and has the most complete range to suit any needs with sales staff in every region ready to call on anytime.


Schoolfurn is an Australian furniture supply company. With a strong focus on school fit outs, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and diverse product range. Understanding the dynamic needs of Australian schools, we believe furniture should be flexible as well as engaging. Working collaboratively with Architects and Project Managers, Schoolfurn provides innovative design solutions tailored to our client’s needs. By offering services such as 3D renders and custom floor plans, we encourage clients to create not just purpose-driven interiors but inspiring spaces.
We value the time, skills and expert opinions of our staff. We’re committed to providing a supportive, friendly team environment that encourages creativity and the sharing of new ideas. Excellent custom service is a result of a positive work culture. As such we maintain a fair, welcoming environment that respects diversity and hard work.


WillPlay is an Australian manufacturer of play and fitness equipment. Utilising aluminium and stainless steel components, WillPlay systems are designed to true Coastal Specification. We offer complete turn-key packages including soft-fall and can custom design and theme to meet your individual needs.


Hear and Learn optimises auditory learning outcomes, and better facilitates collaborative learning, by supplying equipment that captures the sounds of learning, and distributes them evenly throughout learning spaces.

Our new Activate technology www.activatetocollaborate.com is a world first in capturing the golden moments of inter-student collaboration to allow teachers to better guide and assess learners in collaborative learning environments.

Free design and trial available.  10 years experience, 10 thousand rooms and benefits for teacher voice care, creating calm spaces and better learning.


Essential Assessment’s whole-school approach to summative and formative assessment for schools delivers an online differentiated assessment and curriculum model aligned with the content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum. Please contact Jane Susak on 0429 488 078 or at jane@essentialassessment.com.au for further information, pricing or to request trial access.


We’re a member-owned multi-industry super fund, open to just about anyone in any industry throughout Australia.

We’re everyday people but we’re all over super. We’re at the ready with simple, practical and valuable tools to help you achieve your best possible financial future.


Since 2007 Schoolzine has had one goal, to provide schools with an easy to use, cost-effective parent engagement platform. Schoolzine is proud to work with over 1200 schools and educational associations across the country. Schoolzine’s dedication to customer service, product development and understanding the school landscape has ensured we’ve remained an industry leader in digital school communication. Over a decade of school feedback, has been the main driver behind our 3 major products. Each product comes with Schoolzine’s custom-built Control Centre and can be purchased separately or together. The Control Centre allows seamless integration and management between our eNewsletter builder, Schoolzine Mobile App (SZapp) and School Websites.