Stronger Smarter: High Expectations Relationships with Indigenous Students

Thursday, 10:00 – 10:45

Professor Chris Sarra’s work at Cherbourg State School, an Aboriginal community school in South East Queensland, was groundbreaking, exposing the teaching profession and Aboriginal communities to a newer, more positive and honourable reality in which Aboriginal children could be stronger and smarter. After 7 years at Cherbourg School he founded the Stronger Smarter Institute, which has worked with and inspired more than 3000 school and Aboriginal community leaders in more than 600 schools. The tide of low expectations did change and today there is no place to hide without being challenged, in any classroom in Australia for any teacher of Aboriginal children.

In his address Professor Sarra will reflect upon his personal and professional journey and invite us to contemplate how we as educators might learn from this and set about purging the stench of low expectations in our own schools.