A Calm Brain, Calms Brains – the Neurobiology of Self Care

1400 – 1530

This workshop penetrates straight to the heart of who we are as human beings, educators, leaders, mentors and coaches. A fun, interactive and interesting workshop, which will ignite your self-awareness, motivation, and inspiration to be the greatest version of yourself, and remind you of WHY you are in the position as a leader to guide and create happy healthy learning communities. You will gain further insight into how your brain works for and against you, how to reprogram, and remap it to produce happy healthy habits that will better serve you and all the people in your circle.

Transforming a culture of mentally healthy school leaders

1400 – 1530

Over the next decade mental health, resilience, and emotional intelligence will be considered the most critical qualities of an enduring, effective and high performing school leader. headspace recognises that the mental health of whole school communities starts with the mental health and wellbeing of the Principal. While managing the intensifying demands and pressures school leaders may experience—as well as the impact of social change and the increase in mental health issues of staff and students—the emotional impact of critical incidents on the school community and leader can be devastating. Even the most experienced and ‘resilient’ of Principals are susceptible to stress, burnout, and mental health concerns following a traumatic event in their school community. However, due to their hierarchical position and role complexity, Principals appear to be least likely to become involved in help-seeking behaviours even if it is at the expense of their own physical health and wellbeing.

This presentation covers:

  • the pertinent issues facing school leaders in 2019
  • ‘the shift’ that is vital in order to transform a culture of mentally healthy school leaders
  • increasing a school leader’s awareness and skills in noticing the dynamics and relationships that cause conflict in their school community
  • preventative, proactive, and practical strategies in managing the impact of stress in their role

The headspace Principal Coaching and Support Service has supported Queensland school leaders since July 2017 through the provision of individual one-to-one coaching sessions following a critical incident in their school community, and access to a suite of training packages focused on topics relevant to their leadership role. The implementation of this innovative service has highlighted the critical need for school leaders to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing.

(e) cmalengret@headspace.org.au (m) 0476 839 363

Mindful Learning: from theory to application – Workshop

1400 – 1530

Mindfulness is a generic skill with many applications relevant to work, learning and teaching. Being able to effectively engage attention is a pre-requisite for virtually anything else we want to do and for that reason is the single most important life-skill we ever learn. This interactive and experiential workshop will demonstrate through a series of practical ‘experiments’ how to apply mindfulness in personal and professional life including how to deal with major potential distractions such as technology, complex multitasking and interrupting flow while working.

Workshop. Bring it back to us: It time to bring the focus back to those who make it all happen

Thursday, 1400 – 1530

Being a Principal can sometimes be a lonely place. You have a big job and your job is to look after everyone else, but the problem is no one is looking after you.  This fun and interactive workshop will remind you why being both physically and mentally healthy is good for you and your broader school community. You will work out what healthy habits are most likely to work for you (not everyone wants to run marathons or drink kale smoothies!),   you will come to understand all the options for creating a healthy workplace and importantly who is out there to help you to do it.  Full of activities and practical tools, you will come away with a list of ideas to put into action as soon as you get back to school.