How do principals have exceptional wellbeing and effectiveness in a fast paced world.


For the last 3 years Dr Adam Fraser in partnership with Deakin University has been studying how school principals improve their wellbeing, maximise their effectiveness and control the chaotic environment they work in. In this time they have uncovered the specific characteristics that help principals enjoy their job and be more productive. This entertaining, interactive and evidence based presentation will give practical strategies that allow you to flourish in a complex and demanding world.

Be heard, be you and feel better.

Friday 2 August, 1120 – 1220

Is there a ‘work you’ and a ‘home you’?  It can be hard to be the best version of yourself as you jump from meetings to classrooms to spreadsheets to strategic directions! Research suggests people who feel they are being authentic have higher self-esteem and lower stress, anxiety, and depression. Plus, people who feel authentic in their jobs feel less neurotic and more satisfied with their work. After conducting more than 20,000 interviews with politicians to prisoners, talkback callers to Ted talkers Penny Terry has worked out how to help people own their authenticity, fast. In this interactive, funny and insightful presentation Penny shows audiences how to take the fear and risk out of saying what they really think as she helps them understand their own communication style, the science of storytelling and how to adapt to their audiences authentically. She demonstrates how storytelling skills are critical along the path to influence and can change conversations from outrage to empathy and inspire collaboration over competition. From this session, delegates will leave with some key tools to help them be more authentic at work and feel happier in their jobs.

Changing Tasmanian communities: what schools really need to tackle inequality

Friday, 08 45 – 09 30

Most schools are place based and have largely place based ‘school communities ‘which are crucial to children learning and to addressing inequality. Tasmanian communities are undergoing considerable change with many facing new forms of inequality as well as some old ones being exacerbated. This discussion focuses on the changing nature of communities, the mandate and capacity for schools to tackle inequality (especially under the new Act) and new forms of organising and resourcing that could increase impact.


Building Leadership and Staff Wellbeing

Friday, 11 30 – 12 15

Building Leadership and Staff Wellbeing

The state of staff wellbeing in schools is quite unhealthy nationally with high numbers on stress leave and absences soaring. And the recently released Riley report has indicated that the same situation exists amongst Principals and their leadership teams.

Mick will share practical self-supporting Positive Education activities he created to build leadership, staff and student wellbeing and participants will explore a number of them. Delegates will receive a booklet containing 18 evidence based activities and be shown the wealth of similar online activities on the website