2017 Facilitators

[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”Brett Manion” secondary_line=”Conference Facilitator “]

Brett has over thirty years’ of experience as an educator in Tasmania across Government, Catholic and Independent sectors, in teaching roles from Prep to Year 10, and also as a teacher of Japanese, having taught and worked in Japan. Brett’s senior leadership roles in the Department of Education, include those of principal at Fairview and Howrah Primary Schools, Principal Leader of Literacy and Numeracy in Learning Services, and Principal Network Leader, supporting 30 southern Tasmanian school principals in implementing school improvement strategies.

In December 2016 Brett was appointed director of the Professional Learning Institute. He has an absolute commitment and belief in the critical role of effective professional learning in developing the high quality workforce that is fundamental to a world class education system. As director, he sees the PLI as having an exciting future in continuing to work with partners across the agency and externally to provide and facilitate this high quality, evidence based professional learning. Under his leadership he sees the PLI as continuing to develop as a highly skilled, highly regarded and responsive learning organisation that is strongly aligned with the strategic vision of the Department of Education.

[invicta_heading alignment=”left” size=”small” primary_line=”Bob Phillips ” secondary_line=”Conference Facilitator “]

Throughout Bob’s educational career, he has been an advocate for the development of school communities which honour all children and their broader community. He believes this is achieved through an organisational framework centred on community building, quality teaching and quality leadership. This framework provides the scaffolding which leads to school community reform and the establishment of organisations as learning communities.

During his education career, Bob worked in almost every sector of the Department of Education in a range of teaching and senior roles linked directly to working with schools to effect improvement. He held senior positions for 21 years (including as Principal, Principal Curriculum Officer (Science), Manager state-wide programs, Superintendent, Director of Curriculum and General Manager), worked in every education sector (primary, secondary, colleges and university) and in a range of state-wide curriculum and senior management roles. He was closely involved in a number of significant national agendas, and follows international trends closely.

Bob’s work has been informed by his PhD studies into complex-systems theory and how these ideas apply to organisations from classrooms, to schools and to large organisations such as Government Departments and corporations. A complex-systems perspective encourages an awareness of the interdependence of many projects and recognises some actions cascade throughout the system. Bob’s rich background working in and with schools, allows him to practically apply these theoretical considerations to the every-day life of schools.

Bob currently works part time on any project which he finds interesting, including as a coach, school review chair, UTas lecturer and with the Tasmanian Principals Association.